Les Amis de la Vaudelle
  The Friends of the Vaudelle

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The "Friends of the Vaudelle" Expands

At its General Assembly, the association "Ensemble pour le Patrimoine et l'Environnement" decided to expand its field of operation to the whole Vaudelle valley, thus creating a new association "Friends of the Vaudelle ". According to Sonia Critchley, President, "over the years, working together with the neighboring communes, it has become increasingly obvious that subjects that interest us do not end at the commune boundary and 2012 has already seen projects shared with St Pierre and Courcité - a great achievement. For several years, the association has worked on several environmental projects that do not not stop at the commune limits" said Sonia in evidence."The watercourse of our beautiful river would be a more coherent territory for collective action".

In addition to traditional activities such as chemin maintenance in the spring, the festival of scarecrows in collaboration with the comité des fêtes, the meal with the Saint Jean bonfire in June, the inventory of small animals and the concert in September, the year of 2012 was busy. The association intends to continue these actlvilés in 2013 and has a strong desire to muster the goodwill of the neighboring communes of Izé, Bais, Trans, Saint-Pierre-sur-Orthe, Saint-Martln-de-Connée, Saint-Thomas-de-Courceriers, Saint-Germaln-de-Coulamer, Courcité and Saint-Mars-du-Désert.

If you are interested in friendly action on the preservation of heritage, environment. sharing knowledge and ancient knowledge, "Friends of Vaudelle" you need contact : webmaster@saint-thomas-de-courceriers.eu

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The "'Ensemble pour l'Environnement et le Patrimoine" Association becomes "Les Amis de la Vaudelle"

"The challenges facing the Association this year are a bit more unusual, as we'd like to extend the scope of our activities to a broader area" announced the secretary, Marion Middenway.

Fêtes and concerts in the village, randonnées and maintenance of the chemins, restoration of small monuments and inventories of the heritage and wildlife. The L'association Ensemble Pour le Patrimoine et l'Environnement has never been short of ideas for animating, getting to know and making known this commune.

"But over the years, working together on projects with neighboring communes has become more and more promonent" explained Sonia Critchley, president of the Association. "The things that interest us do not stop at the boundary of the commune and 2012 has already seen projects shared with Saint-Pierre and Courcité.

To go further in this direction this year, the Association intends to invite people of all the catchment area of the Upper Vaudelle, that is to say, the communes of Izé, Bais, Trans, Saint-Pierre-sur-Orthe, Saint-Germain-de-Coulamer, Courcité, Saint-Mars-du-Désert and Saint-Martin-de-Connée.

In naming this new alliance the Friends of the Vaudelle, the Association seeks to highlight this beautiful river, which characterises their landscapes and benefits from a ranking of an Area of Natural Interest. "We aim to expand the scope of our activities and to foster the good will of all the sector", added Sonia Critchley.