Événement Annuel 2009
  Annual Event 2009

Randonnée et Repas Gaulois
Samedi 20 juin 2009
Ramble & "Gallic" Dinner
Saturday 20th June 2009

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Affiche par Alaim Marmion
L'itinéraire de la marche

100 participants at the Saint Jean Gallic meal

Saturday 20 June was the annual celebration of the "Ensemble pour l'environnement et le patrimoine à St-Thomas". Forty people participated in the three-hour walk, including stops, which started at les Foucaudières, led the walkers through the woods to Bas Bossault, then took the road to La Levrie where refreshments were served. The route continued along the Thébauderie footpath, reopened by the association last year, then returned via l'Herbinière and back to les Foucaudières. Meanwhile, eight teams took part in a boules competition. About 100 people then gathered for a country meal with a Gallic themed menu consisting of spit-roasted pigs served with buckwheat. A large bonfire of St Jean, lit a little early, closed this evening, augmented by an impromptu cello recital. As usual, we danced around the fire.

La Marche et Rafraîchissements
The Walk and Refreshments


Le Repas Gaulois
The Gallic Meal


La Feu de Joie
The Bonfire

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